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Water Features & Ponds

Imagine relaxing on a warm summer day enjoying the tranquilizing sound of a waterfall-in your own back yard sanctuary. Picture looking out your kitchen window at the wildlife your new, low-maintenance water garden attracts. With the fast pace of your world today you need to be able to come home to a paradise that helps you relax, and that the whole family can enjoy year-round.

The aesthetically pleasing and relaxing environment that Barnes, Inc. can help you create will bring many years of enjoyment. The possibilities are nearly endless. Let us design and install a low-maintenance water garden full of rich and vibrant colors beside a cascading waterfall. Add an architectural component using arbors and trellises wrapped in roses and clematis. Add hardscapes to create a gently curving stone path leading across a bridge to a pond, where Koi play amongst the lily pads and Iris.

Barnes, Inc’s designers will help you to completely understand and become truly excited about the benefits that come from creating and owning your own water garden paradise. We will work with you to create, design and implement a plan that fits your space and your lifestyle. We will enthusiastically explain the many benefits of owning a pond and waterfall landscape, and we will be happy to answer questions before, during and after installation that will allow you to maintain your waterscape with ease for many years to come.

An important part of creating a successful water garden is the landscaping around it. The landscaping should accent the water garden, but not detract from the garden by becoming the focal point of the new space. Water garden features, plant materials, architectural pieces and hardscapes should be carefully integrated to create the ultimate personal escape for you and your family, while never leaving your back yard.

Why not get started on creating your own paradise TODAY by calling for an informative consultation with one of our experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic water garden experts?

We can manage your water features project from concept to completion.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are an inexpensive way of conserving and cleaning storm water runoff. Rain gardens can be easily and inexpensively incorporated into almost any landscape plan on both residential and commercial properties.

Rain gardens are low maintenance landscaped areas, usually planted with native wildflowers species, that capture run-off from roofs and paved surfaces on your property. The water is partially taken up by the plants and allowed to seep into the soil, where nutrients and chemicals are absorbed before the water slowly seeps into the groundwater.

Rain gardens can play an important role in maintaining and even improving the quality of the water in our rivers, streams and especially lakes. A typical neighborhood on Madison’s west side contributes about 10,000 gallons per acre of storm water runoff to area lakes each year. This runoff carries sediment, phosphorus, chloride, lead, zinc and other urban pollutants.

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